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Poor signage example

Design and aesthetic is somewhat a subjective point of view and we realize this. We all have opinions on what is tasteful, elegant and beautiful but there are certain instances where everyone can agree that a particular sign design or installation is just plain terrible. You may have even noticed signs like this yourself in the community or somewhere you have been recently when you were traveling. We have been in the sign and design industry for a while and we have also seen some of these terrible sign installations. Often times, these were DIY or done by a friend of a friend, a relative or something like that. Every now and then, a professional company will make a mistake, but it is rare for professionals to botch jobs that they have so much experience and talent in. Front Row Signs has an undying passion for this kind of work and we have the experience, talent, and knowledge to complement that passion. We take each job very seriously and pay attention to the vital details. We want our customers to all be happy. So what do we think makes a terrible sign?

Bad construction and installation

Signs and graphics that are not properly installed, or are not put together correctly or securely, can spell major trouble for a business in regard to its reputation and other factors. These kinds of signs can even lead to legal troubles. An uneven or unsymmetrical sign or one that just isn’t placed very well will attract the wrong kind of attention. People will assume that your business is one of poor quality due to the look of the sign installation or materials and construction. Also, imagine a sign that is a bit heavy that ends up falling or dropping debris on someone. This could lead to a lawsuit quickly. If you have a sign that you fear is unsafe, give us a call immediately so we can come out and take a look.

Terrible design practices

Sometimes a sign is horrible because of a poor graphic design choice. Maybe the colors are off or the typography doesn’t match the concept very well. Maybe it is just altogether horrifying. Maybe there is too much going on in terms of imagery and visual elements. The sign could also be confusing to people. Maybe the sign just sends the wrong kind of message to your audience. Our professional design crew understands all of the elements that make a great design for business signage. They have a talent for seeing the big picture and understanding what a business does and how people respond to these visual elements on your business sign. Give Front Row Signs a call if you want to refresh your business signage and graphics, or if you have a newly opened business location in the area.

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