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Multi-tenant business sign

Signage is very important to your small business here in Richmond, Texas. Front Row Signs is dedicated to helping small businesses maximize the potential of their signs and graphic elements for their small business. We have worked on all sorts of sign jobs for all different types of companies and industries here in Texas. We would like to share some of the tips and tricks of the trade with you. We want to work with businesses in our community and help them succeed and become a tightknit part of the social fabric here in the business community and in the public. A professional sign installation technician would love to hear your ideas and consult with you on a future sign project. We work with all kinds of businesses, small and large, and we can accommodate a variety of different kinds of projects using a variety of different materials and procedures.

How to properly use color

Color is a very important tool in the designer’s toolkit. A designer uses color to evoke emotion from the viewer. In this case, the viewer is your customers or potential customers, and the colors being used represent the philosophy, mission, core values, culture, identity and products and/or services that your business offers to the community. When choosing the colors to represent your brand or small business here in Richmond, Texas, you need to consider what those colors actually mean. What are we talking about here? We know that colors evoke emotion, right? Well, you want to use color to your advantage to set the mood of your business. That mood will reflect the previously mentioned factors. It will be simple in design and aesthetic quality. You don’t want to confuse anyone with your sign either. Don’t make it too complex or busy. Use a maximum of 3 to 4 colors in your design scheme. You want your identity and brand to be consistent throughout the business so keeping a standard color scheme will help you achieve maximum brand awareness.

How to properly use font text and typography on your sign

Fonts, text and typography are integral to the consistency of your design as well and they also help set the mood and tone of your business. These choices provide context clues to help identify your brand. The fonts themselves represent meaning through symbolism. This symbolism can connect with the customer or potential customer in a psychological and cultural way. It plants the seed of your brand and business into their mind by capturing their imagination and providing cultural cues and visual cues through the use of symbolism. These symbols are a means of presenting a certain style. Style is important for branding purposes. Your business can choose from a variety of different fonts. Some fonts require licensing. In fact, there is an entire market dedicated to it, so you want to do your research and find the font set that best represents the idea that you have for your business. Typography refers to the sets of characters, fonts and symbols that are part of your overall design scheme for text elements and symbol elements.

How to properly position and place your sign

Installation is the part of the job that involves placement and positioning of your sign or graphic elements. If you’re inexperienced with professional quality signage installation, you should trust our experts at Front Row Signs to install your sign to maximize the potential of your small business in this community. A poorly planned, designed and installed sign will damage your businesses reputation and make you look cheap. If you want to impress your customers and want them to become loyal to your company, you will provide a unique business-to-customer experience for them. Our sign installation technicians are licensed and insured for this kind of work so they can do a safe and effective job for your sign project. Give us a call or email us to learn more about how to properly install a sign at your business location.

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